Slow is beautiful

We work together with two family-owned factories in the island of Mallorca. For generations the Mallorcan families have woven fabrics on mechanical looms which today are over a century old. By modern production standards many would say this weaving style is technically outdated however the care, pride and genuine interest in their craft is timeless.

Mallorca enjoys a strong textile tradition with the island's speciality being the Ikat-weave. The word IKAT is derived from the Malay word MENGIKAT meaning to tie, wrap or bind. The yarn is dyed and woven according to the Ikat method which is a weaving technique and NOT a printed pattern. Firstly unstained yarns are tied together and after staining untied to reveal partially stained portions. They then carefully place the pattern directly into the waeve, thread by thread. A real Ikat is unique, completely interwoven with no wrong or right side. Put simply, passionate craftsmanship.